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    Insurance is constantly evolving and expanding. At ClaimCor we provide you training resources to keep you in compliance and up to date with emerging trends and technologies.


    Claims investigations often require multiple resources and tools to get the job done quickly, safely and accurately. ClaimCor saves you time by providing a trusted list of resources for all your needs.


    Independent adjusters have unique insurance needs. ClaimCor has your back and compiled trusted resources for all your personal and business insurance needs.


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    ClaimCor is a proud member of many associations and organizations.

    We value their partnerships and encourage you to look at joining state associations where you are licensed.


    “Having worked for numerous other IA firms in the past, I can say with certainty that ClaimCor provides all the tools necessary to succeed. Karrie Booth has been the epitome of a great supervisor. It’s great working for a team that has come to feel like family. ClaimCor appears to be constantly working to improve which motivates me as an adjuster.”
    Jonathan B.

    Field Adjuster

    Everyone is always very helpful and courteous. I am glad to be on your team. You all make my job a lot easier. Thank you for all you do.
    Jose V.

    Field Adjuster

    “Working with ClaimCor has been an absolute pleasure. I am a big fan of the model in general as well as the people they have in place. I am appreciative of the informative, helpful and peppered humor within the updates from Karrie Booth.  In an industry where we seldom meet our coworkers, ClaimCor has been able to create a bit more of a family vibe than most. I am grateful to have an opportunity to work with ClaimCor and I look forward to the future!”
    Christopher M.

    Field Adjuster