Welcome to ClaimCor

ClaimCor provides innovative and flexible claim solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry. ClaimCor was developed by insurance people for insurance people. We combine technical claim expertise with strong managerial oversight and a belief in superior customer service.

Daily Property Claims

ClaimCor Solutions provides residential property adjusting services throughout the Southeast United States. ClaimCor has a knowledgeable and experienced team of adjusters able to meet your needs. Re-inspections can be conducted for quality, customer service and completeness.


ClaimCor Solutions provides experienced, highly trained adjusters ready to handle any event rapidly when it happens. We are flexible to our clients’ needs whether it’s 10 claims or 100 claims, our field adjusters maintain quality, timely, superior customer service.

Appraisal assignments

Sometimes disputes arise even with superior claim handling. ClaimCor can provide quality experienced appraisers to resolve disputes through the appraisal process as an efficient and cost effective method for resolution.